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interactive experential theatre company  

Rue Cafe 

April 7th - One Day only! 

a interactive experiental love song to the 1920s Paris cafe culture

Seating Limited - Click To Reserve Tickets

  • Coffee and Crepes 
    Sit down at a table and enjooy a good cup of coffee and a delicous crepe.  Other pastries will be avialable and tea too. 
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    Live Performances
    Cole Porter songs, Parisain Opera Solos, Comedic readings, and dance.  All happens as you sip coffee and chat. 
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    Conversations with...
    Zelda Fritzgerald, Coctuea, Dali, Hemmingway, Gertrude Stien, Cole Porter, and others from that wonderful time. 
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    Immersive Projections

    The art, architecture, dance, faces, and gardens of Paris will be featured in a moving homage to the memory of that time.

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    Reserve Seating or Drop in 

    There arre 4 - 5 timed perfoormances with limited reserved seating. Tickets will go fast. 

    You can just drop in and taste the experience 

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    Local Artist Art Fair  

     After being inspired by what wa . Sample, what is with the works of the local artist    at our   art fair.  Live the creative life. 


In Production 

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We are a group of artists in search of awe. Using the power of direct human experience. In both live theatre experiences, imaginative pop-ups, and online content. We promote the healing and inspiring features of human imagination and the transformation of technology to make us better. We believe in the future and optimistic about each other. Our organizing force is to "be kind", "Enjoy life", and, Help People" plus try to do it simultaneously.    We are optimistically out of touch with pessimism.


totocreate llc
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